Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review of Double Feature by Owen King

I heard about this book from a posting on Facebook, and given that was written by Owen King, Stephen King's son, I ordered it right away.   I'm an avid Stephen King fan (I've read everything he's written and loved every word) I had high hopes for Owen's debut novel.  Frankly, I was not let down.  This is an amazing read, and I was sorry to read the final words at the end.  King has a tremendous talent for making believable and realistic characters.  Sam Dolan comes across as a lost soul who is trying to find his place in the world.  I could certainly identify with this, and my heart ached for Sam in his self-induced suffering.  I wanted to shake him at times to try to wake him up to say stop with this foolishness and live your life.  Owen did a fantastic job with these characters and story line.  He grabbed me from the beginning with his easy prose and smooth writing.  The one thing that I have always enjoyed about the King tribe is that they are such avid storytellers who plunk down in your head and spin a hell of a yarn.  Owen King is proudly carrying on that tradition, yet stands by his own rights as a hell of an author.  I laughed many times in reading this book, and I immensely enjoyed the imagery he creates  It's a book about movies, and I certainly felt like I was watching one.  This is a wonderful, cynical and realistic book that as a lot of bite to it.  I look forward to his next novel.  It is wonderful to see and read that the immense talent of the King family is continuing on.

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  1. Nice review Marnie. I, too, thought King built a collection of terrific characters, although 'believable and realistic' might be pushing it. I liked the characters' interactions, but events in the story took an awfully long time to play out. I think it could have used a serious editing. King has talent, though. So do you!